It is surprising that I have never been to EAA Airventure, AKA Oshkosh.  If you know anything about me you know I am passionate about General Aviation and flying and Oshkosh is the Mecca of GA. So, 2015 I entered the TAEFC lottery and won, the turbo 182.  My first choice was the 206… Read More »


In April, Cami and the kids were in a car accident.  No one was hurt. The accident occurred near 13th and Maize – a young driver turned left out of Quicktrip and caused the accident.  Fortunately she was not hurt either. The Saturn was totaled, as designed the car took the brunt of the impact… Read More »

2014 River run

For the second year in a row the McElhinny’s ran the river Run 10k and 2 mile.  Cami and I ran the 10k, then recovered in an hour and ran the 2 mile with Dawn and Nolan.  Grammy watched the kids while Cami and I ran, and next year we are pushing her to join… Read More »

Prairie Fire Spring Half Marathon 2014

I probably would have skipped this race, but the insidious marketing team at Prairie Fire decided to make it a Star Wars theme with a very cool finishers medal.  The race was on May 4, as in May the Fourth (Force) be with you.  So, although I had not trained very much I decided to… Read More »

Washburn WD10SCEB Acoustic Guitar

Washburn WD10SCEB Acoustic Guitar.   I have one of these and it is very nice and a lot of fun to play.  The pickup lets me play it through an amp almost like a regular electric guitar.


Both of the kids wanted guitars for Christmas, and since it is a good idea to get kids involved with music early we (or Santa, I don’t remember which) bought both of the kids guitars.  I had so much fun playing them over the Christmas break that I bought one for myself – an Epiphone… Read More »

Greensburg, KS – N974DB – March 23, 2008

Under the right wing at takeoff, looking at part of the Citation Service Center 4,500 foot view of Cheney Reservoir Our first shot of Greensburg At the bottom is the High School, I think New condos or quad homes? Tractor dealer Grain Elevator with train cars Trailer park Close-up of the trailer park Final approach,… Read More »

Summer and Fall of 2008

The pond near crest The pond near crest, almost into our back yard The pond, after the crest The Cowskin during the flood – normally 10 feet lower Swanson Park in the flood – the Cowskin is normally 100 yards away Wide-eyed Nolan Nolan and Dawn in Dawn’s bed Dawn wearing Dad’s helmet Nolan getting… Read More »

December 2006 Photos

Baby Buddha The McElhinny’s Dawn wearing a hat Hamming for the camera Dawn’s new car Dawn and Conner Dawn licking Conner and Conner licking back First Halloween Yup, she’s walking